The RESCO spare parts depot is over 2,300 m2 in size and is located at the RESCO headquarters in Addis Ababa. The spare parts depot currently stocks over ETB 230 million in spare parts to cater for each of the brands which we supply our customers. The depot itself is monitored by a computerised inventory system, which ensures that stock levels are regularly replenished and minimises the possibility of any gaps in the supply chain to our customers. In addition to the central spare parts depot, RESCO also maintains a stock of fast moving spare parts at each of its four branches around Ethiopia in order to grant our customers a local access point to the spare parts supply chain.

We at RESCO pride ourselves on maintaining as comprehensive a stock inventory as possible to meet the requirements of our customers on the spot. However, in the rare circumstances in which a required part is not in stock, the staff at RESCO will work diligently with our suppliers to expedite the sourcing of any non-stock parts.

CAT® Parts Availability and Service Support is Key to all equipment Performance. At RESCO, we are promoting the repair before failure principle and the necessary genuine parts that will enable our customers to keep their equipment in high performance availability round the clock. Our unmatched supply chain system will give prompt delivery of any spare parts to the customers very effectively.

Ries Engineering is committed to working in partnership with its customers. To this end it has a team of Parts and Service Sales Representatives (PSSRs) and Counter sales men dedicated to supporting customers in ordering the right parts at the right time to reduce machine down time.

RESCO also offers the following services in connection with parts supply:

  • Assistance in planning customers’ annual orders and parts stock based on machine population and activity
  • Regular visits by Parts and Service Sales Representatives (PSSRs) to assist customers, among other services, in the identification and planning of parts required for the maintenance of their machines.
  • Supply of consumable items such as coolants, batteries, gasket compounds, etc
  • In-house cutting and assembly of contamination free Caterpillar XT hoses tailored to match customers’ hoses to be replaced and using couplings from the customer’s old hoses.


CAT filters are designed to work with correct fluids in Caterpillar engine systems to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance of your systems and lowering your costs


CAT GET are designed and manufactured with the main aim of giving customers long life with different options for different kinds of job applications. The K series bucket tooth system represents a new standard of performance retention, easy change-outs and long term sharpness. A twist-on retainer ensures reliable retention and easy removal and installation.


Test conducted by an independent laboratory has proven that CAT undercarriage components exceed all other in consistent with steel hardness, hardened depth, and other performance factors.


Ries Engineering is promoting the repair before failure principle and the necessary parts that will enable our customers to keep their equipment in high performance are stocked. Caterpillar engine parts are designed and manufactured to work hydraulic system and be rebuilt for the second time


CAT hydraulic system is designed and manufactured to excel in quality, performance and hydraulic system management


Caterpillar builds the best drive train parts in the market that achieve superior performance. The result is maximum productivity and lower cost