Workshop Service

In order to support our customers in running their machines and equipment with the lowest possible down time and cost RESCO has invested in various workshop facilities.The facilities available at RESCO’S headquarters in Addis Ababa that enable it provide full support to its customers include the following:

  • Hose making and cleaning facilities
  • Central main workshop where whole machines, and equipment are serviced and maintained
  • Component rebuild center where various components of machinery and equipment are serviced and overhauled. The facilities in this workshop include, among others:
    • Cabinet washer for cleaning parts and components before overhaul
    • Fuel injection pump testing and calibrating benches
    • Engine testing dynamometer
    • Hydraulic cylinder disassembly and assembly bench
    • Track press
  • Undercarriage and Utility workshop for track link assembly repairs, track rollers and idlers rebuild
  • Various workshops, including:

Special service tools for repairing Components (engine, transmission, Brake system, Suspension etc)

RESCO offers complete maintenance support to its customers.